Dear Tony: It’s not us. It’s you.

Brilliant farewell to Tony Abbott. Kate M – sheer genius.

Progressive Conversation

Dear Tony

It’s over. We’re done. You need to pack up your stuff and leave.

It’s not us – it’s you.

I’d like to say it’s been fun – but it hasn’t has it? It’s been incredibly painful.

We tried giving you hints – but you don’t listen do you? You’ve never listened – not to anyone but yourself.

This can’t be a surprise. Surely even someone as narcissistic as you must realise that you can’t keep lying to everyone and get away with it. And for the record – repeating something over and over again doesn’t make it true, no matter how much you think it does.

And get some new things to talk about will you? Nobody wants to hear the same old stories over and over again – how you think you’ve stopped the boats – when you haven’t. Or how you scrapped the mining and carbon taxes…

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